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Scrap the Dreamfall Chapters spam

Turns out my laptop can’t handle that game :(

I’m sad right now

Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Review | KickstartVentures →

I became a writer for Kickstart Ventures recently, and while this is not the first article I’ve worked on (I’m waiting on an interview) this is the first one I’ve published.

Got a couple of technical hiccups last night, but they were fixed. All in all they were just rookie mistakes but this came out of it

You fight like a cow!



Guybrush painting wip 2. 

Which was your favorite Monkey Island game?

jeysiec replied to your post: Jesus, Gabe! You’re supposed to be a w…

You’re forgetting that Gabe is a *bad* writer.

Good point

Jesus, Gabe! You’re supposed to be a writer! This is a shit compliment!

An apology for all the Gabriel Knight spamming

Next week you’ll have Dreamfall Chapters spam :P

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